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Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart 2022

It’s no secret that 2020 is almost behind us, and as the new year starts, we’re all pretty excited about all the goodies the year will bring. One of those goodies includes changes in your Medicare supplement plan. This article informs you of the best strategies to choose to come 2022. With the 2022 chart, you can easily find the advantages that come with your Medicare supplement insurance plan and relate it to different ones available. It will help you decide whether you want to switch plans or keep the old one.

If you’re new and find yourself reading the Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart 2022 a bit difficult, follow these simple guides.

The list on the left column is the benefits you get with Medicare supplement insurance, then the list at the top contains the Medigap plans offered. Then, trace each plan with the benefit to see how much coverage you can get and then choose what works best for you.

medigap chart

Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart 2022

For anyone just turning 65 years, Plan F is no longer available to choose from 2020. But for everyone else who already has that plan, then they will probably let you keep it. I strongly advise you to switch plans to something else because plan F’s rates will continue to go higher for the coming year. Your rate may change depending in the state you live in. For instance, if you live in Colorado your Medicare supplement rate would differ from someone living in California.

If you’re considering switching, you should try going for plan G, which typically offers the same benefits as F with only a slight difference in the Part B deductible, which is not covered. What makes Plan G a better option than sticking to Plan F is that, with plan F, the rates are higher than G and will continue to be. You probably pay at least $400 or even $500 more because of the part B deductible, which will cost you at least $200 in Plan G. the rates in Plan G are way better than in plan F anyway.

Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart 2022

Since 2020 saw Plan G and Plan N becoming more popular, you should certainly choose one of them. If you look at Plan N, you will notice that it offers 100% coverage in all the benefits except part B deductible and part B excess charges. For someone who rarely visits the hospital and is in perfect health, this may be the Plan for you come 2022 as the Part B excess charges are simply for consultations and cost less than $20 and not more than that per consultation. In Plan G, part B excess charges are 100% covered, and once again, that’s the best choice to go for in your Plan. Especially if your health is not like it used to be.

As for the Plans K and L, you can see that only the first benefit is 100% covered, and the rest are either 50% covered for K and 75% covered for L. they certainly aren’t the best deals. Besides, no one ever buys them because they mostly lead to various arrears in health bills. Paying for up to 50% or 25% respectively for either Plan K and L is not a smart decision.

For Plan A, the first four benefits are 100% covered by the Medicare supplement plan, and as for the other services, you pay for them. Plan B also covers the first four benefits but includes the part A deductible benefits that lack Plan A.

Well, that’s it for the 2022 Medicare Supplement Comparison Chart. In conclusion, the best plan to go for is the Plan G as it has more to offer, and you will undoubtedly be happier. But if you have any other preference, then go for it. You only need to ensure that you get the plan that works best for you.

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